What is AdMusic ?

We are a bespoke music composition service that operates online, connecting agencies and brands with screen composers from around the world, simplifying scoring and licencing. 


There are many music licencing websites out there online, why should I use AdMusic ?

Because we score music to picture, bringing your pictures and the narrative to life. Most of those other music licencing sites only offer pre recorded, non-exclusive pieces of music or "library tracks", which rarely give the same level of impact as scored music.


Is my brief treated confidentially ?

Yes. All of our professional screen composers are signed to strict Non Disclosure Agreements, which prohibits the sharing of any data, information or material related to your brief.


Who are the AdMusic composers ?

A hand picked team of professional screen composers from around the world, who specialize in scoring music for television commercials and online content. These talented individuals have an extremely high hit rate of "nailing the brief" and subsequently deliver approved music scores faster to their clients.


Why are the AdMusic composers anonymous ?

We have created an "even playing field" business model, where any professional screen composer, whether they are currently freelance, based at a music house or touring with a band could pitch on work while maintaining their current employment roles. This of course is amazing for you, as it enables you to tap into a rich pool of talent, all in the one place.


Are all AdMusic demos free ?

Yes, we do not charge for demos. You only pay if you wish to make changes to, and or licence your preferred demo.


How many demos will I get ?

We guarantee that you will receive a minimum of three demos, but depending on the quality of your brief, you will in all likelihood receive many more.


When do I pay for demo/s or final track ?

Once you have listened to all your demos and have selected a track you must now pay for it to take it to the next round for revisions and or licensing.


If required, how many changes can I make to a selected demo ?

Once you have chosen and paid for your preferred demo, we will make all the necessary revisions until you are happy with the final track.


Are cut-downs included in the licence fee ?

Yes, we will create the required amount of cut-downs at no extra cost.


How much does it cost ?

We offer three simple licences:


AUS $3,000 Online only 12 months / Worldwide
AUS $6,000 Any media 12 months / Worldwide
AUS $12,000 Any media Plus Perpetuity / Worldwide

How do I pay for a final track ?

All payments are made via Pay Pal or Electronic Funds Transfer. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We will also accept an official Purchase Order as guarantee of payment.


What is meant by "You own 100% of the track" ?

Simply that. If you choose the Any Media + package (buyout), there are no rollovers, repeat fees or ongoing administration costs. Once you have purchased the music you can use it on your TVC or content piece in perpetuity, on all or any media (please view our Terms of Sale for full terms and conditions).


Can I speak to a producer ?

Yes, our producers are on call 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and work with you on your brief.


What is the maximum duration you will score to ?

The maximum duration we'll work to is 3:00 minutes. 


Will you work to offline pictures ?

We prefer to work to "Locked Off", "Online" or "Final" pictures, but will work to your "Agency" or "Client" Offline, if your timeline demands it.